Information Technology Services

Remote Database Administration, Cibersecurity, Middleware, and AI Services

Our Database Services

Oracle DBA Services

Your Oracle database's efficiency and performance will be continuously monitored and documented. We also conduct assessments and respond promptly to queries to resolve issues and ensure uninterrupted operations for your company.

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Cloud Database Support

Every day, more companies have their databases in the cloud. Whether in AWS, Azure or GCP, our company provides solid professional services to ensure the operational continuity and optimal performance of your databases.

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Database Migration

Whether you need an upgrade, a version change, or a migration to a different flavor of database, our services based on a rigorous methodology allow you to execute with minimal risk and within budget.

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Database Monitoring

Through our 24x7 database monitoring tools, we monitor and are on alert for the health check of each of the databases that are under our responsibility. This way we can respond very early whenever there is anomalous behavior.

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Diagnostics, monitoring, ethical hacking, penetration testing, configuration of audit tools, traceability, access control, among others..

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Business Intelligence Consulting, IT infrastructure design, software development, databases, networks.

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Sepiia Data Analytics

Analysis, Design and Construction of on-premise or cloud Data Analytics platforms for real-time decision-making.

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We offer database and cybersecurity workshops tailored to the client's needs.

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About Us


We are a team of specialists in database management, cybersecurity, business intelligence and real-time data analytics. With a professional background of more than 25 years of business experience, we have the capabilities to analyze requirements and design solutions that meet the needs of each of our customers.

Additionally, we provide hardware and software products to meet the needs of the IT market. On the other hand, we have a data analytics platform for real-time decision-making.

We have been operating in the USA since 2024.


We are specialized and certified consultants with more than 25 years of experience

We have extensive experience representing brands such as Oracle, Microsoft, RedHat, Fortinet, Watchguard, Sophos, Tenable, Kaspersky, ESET.

In hardware, we have partnerships with HP, DELL

We have training courses in technologies as diverse as Oracle, JBoss, Kubernetes, Databases, Java Technology, NET Technology.

We have certified professionals in brands such as Veeam, VMware, Oracle, Fortinet, and Watchguard.

We have methodologies, procedures, records, and systems to ensure our services' optimal performance and traceability.

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